Why Is It Important To Add Professional Images On Your Website?

Do you have all-text on your website? Is your website lacking images, infographics, and other graphics? Do you have poor quality images put up on your website? If the answers to all these questions is a “Yes” then you are definitely harming the traffic on your site and in turn, your ranking on SERPs. This is true because good quality images are very effective in attracting visitors and engaging them with your site, thus boosting up your conversions and ranking. You can hire a Web design company in India to design your entire website by putting up relevant and professional images and other essential graphics on your site, if you are at present having a very dull only-text or low quality image site.

Why are professional images important?

What makes professional high quality images so important for a website that it can ultimately decide upon its ranking?

  • Professional images are responsible for the purchase decision of visitors. 70% of visitors decide upon buying a particular product or service of a company after checking the quality of the images they have provided.
  • It has been proved that websites having good quality images have more than 90% views as well as high engagement levels than websites with poor quality images or those without images at all. Therefore, it can also be said that good quality images decrease the bounce rates on a website by having users to spend longer time on the site, thus also increasing the ranking.
  • Professional images develop confidence and reliability of your customers towards your brand by conveying a better message of your products/services.
  • A good collection of professional images can also be added to your brochures, presentations, flyers, etc. thus proving a one-time effort to search the images, and multiple ways of using them.
  • When you want to have an online presence on popular social media platforms like Facebook, it is always better to be professional with all of your content.

What describes a professional image?

Now the fact that professional images are important and beneficial is clear, but do you know what is exactly meant by a professional image? How would you decide upon which image is professional? How would you know which images to select for your website? Although the job is challenging, it is also a fun process.

  • Even though you put up high quality and attractive images on your site, they won’t work if those images are not relevant to your content. You need to upload pictures that support your text, products, services, and business.
  • Avoid all sorts of pixilated or fluffy images. Zoom into a picture and if it pixelates, you can be sure that it is of low quality. Also, make sure to select a picture that almost fits the space you want to place it in. Avoid too small pictures which you will need to expand to fit in.
  • If you are using stock photographs, make sure you aren’t using the same repetitive pictures that others in your industry are using too. Look out for pictures that haven’t been used. In fact, the best way to have unique, real, and genuine images is by designing them yourself or clicking real photographs.

Selecting the correct pictures for your site is not a super difficult task. It will just take some efforts and practice. Just use the above easy tips while choosing your pictures and you will see how your website does wonders. Or, another easy alternative is hiring a professional Web Design Company in India.

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