What Elements Must Be Considered While Designing A Website?

Designing a website does not mean focusing only on the visual aspect of the pages involved. It means much more; for example, the written content, the alignment of various pieces of content, the hierarchy, the navigation, etc. All of these elements and more must be blended so well that your website provides an incredible online experience to your users, which is why people prefer hiring a professional Web Design Company in Bangalore for the job. Here are some easy yet important tips that can ensure a great user experience on your website, if these elements are incorporated well.


It goes without saying that you need to have a mobile-friendly site. In this age where mobile users are increasingly outdoing the number of desktop users, you need to have a site that fits every screen size.

Content type

Your content should be clear and easily readable if you don’t want to drive your users away. This means using simple language, correct grammar, clear font size, readable font styles, and contrasting colours from the background. Don’t try to show off your language skills on your site. Instead of impressing users with difficult words, you may simply shoo them away. Keep it simple, understandable, and correct. Also, keep the font type and font size readable, with a limitation of only up to 3 fonts per page. Also, avoid flashy colours. Use the standards and bold ones. In short, put up content that users can take in without having to put in too much effort.


When users land on a page, the first thing they do is scan the page, picking out a few words and sentences here and there. If those few glances appeal to their eyes and mind, only then will they decide to go further through the content in detail and through the other pages of the site. This is why you should design not only a visually appealing, but also an uncluttered page. You may want to include everything that you want the reader to go through on a single page like the home page or landing page to show them that you have everything they could possibly be looking for. However, this will only add to the clutter and will drive the users away. So, avoid this, and make sure you put up only the most important content pieces. Also, incorporate a few relevant images, videos, infographics, or graphs along with your content to provide an interesting look to your page; but remember, whatever you do, keep things to the minimum, and your pages clean.


You may have a lot to offer to your users, and users may also have a lot to expect from you. But, between this trade, don’t forget to have a proper navigation between your informative pages. Whatever and how much ever content you provide, make sure to do so with a proper navigation that easily takes users from one page to another, without too much of wandering about. If the users have to struggle to find what they are looking for, they will leave your site and possibly land on your competitor’s.

Visual hierarchy

People view websites on every device possible – from large desktops to the smallest smartphone screens. You must have a website that can cater to all these screens perfectly. The content on your site should be arranged in a clear manner. A clear hierarchy to your information will help grab the attention of the users, and will have them unknowingly, yet beneficially, following where you want them to go next. Support your hierarchy with varying font sizes, font styles, colors, or anything else; but again remember, keep the variations to the minimum.

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