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Are You Using Keyword Rankings Appropriately?

Keyword rankings can definitely show you what’s going on in your online marketing campaign, but it isn’t the summit of all performance indicators. What generally happens is you choose a phrase that represents your business in regards to your products or services, and then you start working upon using that phrase. You write blogs that contain the phrase; you optimize your title tags and meta descriptions to include the phrase; you build links on important websites; and you put in all sorts of efforts to start ranking higher for that particular search term. And, with all these efforts, you finally make your way to the first page of SERPs for that particular keyword/keyword phrase. Do you think that is the end of all your efforts? Do you think you have attained what you must have? Well, you definitely have achieved a high rank, but are you seeing a gain in your organic traffic? Not really, isn’t it? So, what went wrong? Clearly, it was the goal you started with that was wrong!


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Matt Cutts Webmaster Help Video-Publishers with Duplicate Content

Matt Cutts answers a question about duplicate content in his latest webmaster help video where a user writes in to ask “If you had to deal with short-term duplicated content on a news site (perhaps publishing a story on two different URLs over one day), what would you do in order to avoid any penalty from a duplicate content filter?”

Google’s major search engine function is to offer a customer the best possible results for a search, based upon the search term (keywords) that the customer has used in the Google search box. While the story is breaking Matt says it’s understandable that you’ll have multiple instances of that story spread across the web. When things settle down, having a “rel=canonical” tag in place indicates the preferred location on the web where you would like that information to sit.

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Future of SEO Discovered Through Major Changes From Google.

Understanding that when link building or such other SEO strategies are widely adopted being popular, Google will at some point of time discard them.

How do I get higher PageRank? What are the keywords I should optimize for? Taking these things out of the picture will reduce the focus on these types of goals. On the other side of the coin, the major changes in Google encourage more strategic behavior. As the entire process of SEO is becoming more complex and refined, Google is trying to create a values addition and an experience that is beneficial for its users and the users can have smooth sailing while searching for their favorite keywords or data.

All of Google major changes play a role in getting people to focus on their authority, semantic relevance, and the user experience.  Because they cannot risk providing names of sites on their result pages which offer irrelevant or inferior quality contents as they always fear losing their top position to some other upcoming search engine on the web.

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Renewed Bing Deal With Twitter

Microsoft announced that it has renewed its partnership with Twitter, giving Bing access to all of the public content Twitter users create.

The extended pact lets Bing explorers see public tweets alongside the usual web links, making it easy to track down posts from celebrities and friends. With a smaller market share, the search engine is far from beating Google but hopes to attract more users by weaving in more social data.


Microsoft gave Bing a new makeover of sorts in September. Along with a new look it created a new results view that merges social posts with factual information about people, places and things. Competition between Twitter and rivals like Microsoft, Google and Facebook is likely to heat up once the social network goes public in New York Stock Exchange.

Unlike Google, Bing has made social search a corner stone of its strategy. With Bing’s latest redesign, which dropped the number of columns on its search results pages from three to two, the social sidebar now features even more prominently on the site.

Google’s Matt Cutts Reminds Webmasters Search Vs. Social

The latest Google webmaster help video from Google’s renowned engineer, Matt Cutts discusses how and where webmasters should concentrate their SEO activity. Many website owners lack know-how when trying to move up the ranks in organic search results and are unsure as to whether they should spend more time trying to generate leads from social media or PPC.

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Google Launches Android App which Manages Your Google Listings

Google rolled out a new mobile Google places for business app that allows management of a business’s Google plus listing via Android.

Google’s new Android app will let business owners update their information such as hours, address, content details and description. You’ll also be able to add posts and photos to your Google+ Local pages, respond to comments and +1’s , and so on.

Another convenient feature of this app is the ability to view statistics of the traffic being sent to your Google Places listing. Just like on your computer, the app can tell you how many impressions your business has had and how many actions were taken on your listing. This allows business owners to gauge the performance of their most recent advertising campaigns.


The app however has some limitations, aside from being available in the U.S only the app won’t let you respond to customer’s reviews nor does it allow you to create new listings. Additionally, Google doesn’t have a timeframe for releasing an iOS version. Depending upon on the devices your team uses, this app might be convenient for only a handful of people.

If you already use page identity in the Google+ app you might be wondering why you should download another very similar app. The answer to that is that the page identity feature enables you to view your business pages and use social feature, but you can’t use it to update your business information.



New Android App Lets you Manage Your Google Listings

Google rolled out a new mobile Google places for business app that allows management of a business’s Google plus listing via Android.

Google’s new Android app will let business owners update their information such as hours, address, content details and description. You’ll also be able to add posts and photos to your Google+ Local pages, respond to comments and +1’s , and so on.

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Google Launches Update for Mugshot

Google has been addressing an issue with mugshot sites to push them down in search results, the New York Times reveals in an article.

Google has tweaked its search algorithm and downgraded the Page rank of so called “mugshot” websites, which post police snapshots of random people and in some case charge to have them removed. But this decision raises some troubling questions about how much we rely on Google to choose what we see and don’t see.

MasterCard has also taken steps to cut such sites off from using its online payment systems. Everyone seems pretty happy about this turn of events so far. We may even agree that mugshot sites are reprehensible and deserve to die. But what happens when Google and/or MasterCard decide to target other sites?

“The effects were immediate: on Friday two mug shots of Janese Trimaldi, which had appeared prominently in an image search, were no longer on the first page” reports the Times David Segal.

There are bunch of sites out there that make money by gathering mugshots (which are in the public domain) and then getting ranked in the search results for name searches for the people who appear in the shots. Before this update, these sites were ranking well in Google, and causing major reputation-damaging problems for the people.

Is Google going to somehow differentiate between the good uses of this kind of information and the bad ones? And is MasterCard going to do the same? There’s a very real risk that this kind of behavior could quickly become a slippery slope and eventually result in Gogole and/or other platforms what Amazon did when it removed WikiLeaks documents from its S3 cloud servers in 2010.


Bing includes Pins in Image Searches

Microsoft Bing team announced a new feature in image search results UI by integrating Pinterest boards. Microsoft already integrated Pinterest in Bing image search results with the pin to Pinterest feature, allowing you to pin and save results directly from Bing image search.


Now, whenever you do an image search on Bing, you’ll see Pinterest boards appear in the top-right corner. But this search feature is only available to U.S members at the moment, if you’d like to see it in action, you can click the gear icon in the top right corner of Bing and manually change your location to the U.S.

Image collections are great for a search like Pumpkin decoration ideas, where we bring together cute pictures from around the web with creative collections by people who are passionate about decorating their house in the best way possible.

Earlier this year, Bing added Pinterest pinning functionality to image search, enabling users to pin the images they find on Blog back to their boards back on Pinterest. Pinterest itself recently added more info to article pins, potentially helping drive more web traffic to articles and blog posts.

New Version of Google Analytics Android App With Much Updates

Google has released a much update for the Google analytics Android app, adding new reporting tools and increased functionality for existing tools.

Google Analytic-Android app1

In a BlogSpot Russell Ketchum writes that “we’ve added more reporting tools and enhanced the functionality of this version”.

What’s new in this app specifically?

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