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How Important Is Integrated Marketing For Business Success?

What is integrated marketing?

Integrated marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating a consistent and seamless multi-dimensional brand experience for customers. In this type of strategy, the brand needs to promote across various media like television, internet, radio, and print, in a similar style to reinforce the brand’s ultimate message. It combines all aspects of marketing like advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, social media, and public relations. It works upon a complete plan of methods, tactics, activities, and decided channels. Therefore, through integrated marketing, it can be ensured that all communication strategies from the brand to the consumers are consistent across all channels. With the increase in usage of several social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, integrated market is important along with being difficult like never before!

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Are You Using Keyword Rankings Appropriately?

Keyword rankings can definitely show you what’s going on in your online marketing campaign, but it isn’t the summit of all performance indicators. What generally happens is you choose a phrase that represents your business in regards to your products or services, and then you start working upon using that phrase. You write blogs that contain the phrase; you optimize your title tags and meta descriptions to include the phrase; you build links on important websites; and you put in all sorts of efforts to start ranking higher for that particular search term. And, with all these efforts, you finally make your way to the first page of SERPs for that particular keyword/keyword phrase. Do you think that is the end of all your efforts? Do you think you have attained what you must have? Well, you definitely have achieved a high rank, but are you seeing a gain in your organic traffic? Not really, isn’t it? So, what went wrong? Clearly, it was the goal you started with that was wrong!


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New Feature of yahoo answers brings more social and SEO value

Yahoo announced that it is going to be rolling out a brand new user experience for the popular Q&A site, including a long time in coming mobile optimized page.


Some of the new features being added to Yahoo Answers will allow the page to become much more social, which is clearly the online trend.  Answers could bring more user engagement, search volume, overall traffic and contextually relevant display inventory to Yahoo.

Yahoo answers have long been a popular tool for marketers who would seek out questions related to their products and answer them with a link as a source. The updates to the page will allow marketers to provide better answers and undoubtedly drive additional traffic to their pages.  If Yahoo can attract additional users through these updates, they will also be getting additional pages ranked in the search engines, making this property even more valuable to Yahoo and marketers in general.

The updates will roll out to US users for both desktop and mobile over the next 10 days.  Rolling the updates out to the rest of the world will undoubtedly come shortly after that, though no specific timeline has been given.

New feature in Google Webmaster Tools “Manual Webspam Actions”

Google webmaster tools should be just as important to a SEO Experts as Google analytics. Google introduced “Manual webspam Action” viewer feature in Webmaster tools, a much awaited feature requested by webmasters and website owners.

To access the feature, simply click on “Manual Actions” under “Search Traffic” in Webmaster Tools. If Google hasn’t taken any action against your site, you should see a message that says “No Manual webspam actions found.”

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Why Search Engines Spiders are not crawling/Indexing your Website/Blog Posts?

For people who are asking “what is the reason not to show cache of a website”, here is a brief rundown of possible explanations.

Google does not provide any guarantees or promises that will crawl or index your blog stuff. You must keep maintaining your blogs content to enter into Google boundaries. Google does not have any human workers for crawling sites, they are using a computer algorithm for this purpose, and hence it must consider the factors such as Page Rank, Back Links etc. before crawling.

The another reason why your site is not cached in Google is the “ NoArchive” directive that you found in the settings. Turning that off effectively removes the “noarchive” directive from your pages. Google and other search engines will now cache your pages.

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Brief history of SEO

SEO is one of the smart marketing strategies driving your business to top level, there may be ‘n’ number of ideas around you, but channelizing those ideas and choosing one idea which will gear up your business is important. In the early days of Web Development, the users were of privileged minority, the information available to the users were small. Access of web was restricted only to few employers of various universities .With a lot of research, now web marketing has grown tremendously in market, if you want your website to be in top position, think of it, how much smart your web design should be.

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