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Are You Using Keyword Rankings Appropriately?

Keyword rankings can definitely show you what’s going on in your online marketing campaign, but it isn’t the summit of all performance indicators. What generally happens is you choose a phrase that represents your business in regards to your products or services, and then you start working upon using that phrase. You write blogs that contain the phrase; you optimize your title tags and meta descriptions to include the phrase; you build links on important websites; and you put in all sorts of efforts to start ranking higher for that particular search term. And, with all these efforts, you finally make your way to the first page of SERPs for that particular keyword/keyword phrase. Do you think that is the end of all your efforts? Do you think you have attained what you must have? Well, you definitely have achieved a high rank, but are you seeing a gain in your organic traffic? Not really, isn’t it? So, what went wrong? Clearly, it was the goal you started with that was wrong!


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Renewed Bing Deal With Twitter

Microsoft announced that it has renewed its partnership with Twitter, giving Bing access to all of the public content Twitter users create.

The extended pact lets Bing explorers see public tweets alongside the usual web links, making it easy to track down posts from celebrities and friends. With a smaller market share, the search engine is far from beating Google but hopes to attract more users by weaving in more social data.


Microsoft gave Bing a new makeover of sorts in September. Along with a new look it created a new results view that merges social posts with factual information about people, places and things. Competition between Twitter and rivals like Microsoft, Google and Facebook is likely to heat up once the social network goes public in New York Stock Exchange.

Unlike Google, Bing has made social search a corner stone of its strategy. With Bing’s latest redesign, which dropped the number of columns on its search results pages from three to two, the social sidebar now features even more prominently on the site.

Pinterest- The Online Marketing Platform now with Promoted Pins

Pinterest co-founder and CEO Ben Sibermann announced in a blog post Thursday that ads or promoted pins are coming to the site.


He also promised that the promoted pins won’t junk up your feed-they’ll be “tasteful” and “relevant” “about stuff you’re interested in, like a delicious recipe or a jacket that’s your style”.

Pinterest is incredibly popular with retailers, both as forum for displaying their wares and as a tool for finding out what’s popular with shoppers. The three year old network now faces the challenge of monetizing the images its users find beautiful or inspiring. Promoted pins could be the answer.

He said “No Flashy banners or pop-up ads “, we always let you know if someone are paid for what you see, or where you see it.

The initial tests of ads will be seen in search results and categories feed. For example, when you search for Halloween, you might see a costume on sale at a local shop that had pinned the outfit. The format follows in the footsteps of other social advertising successes like Facebook and Twitter. Both similarly let businesses amplify the reach of their organic content paying for “Promotion”.

As Pinterest explodes in popularity, Internet Marketing Companies can reap incredible benefits. Few months ago it was Google+, now it’s Pinterest. It hasn’t begun testing promoted pins yet, but the rollout starts soon.

New Feature of yahoo answers brings more social and SEO value

Yahoo announced that it is going to be rolling out a brand new user experience for the popular Q&A site, including a long time in coming mobile optimized page.


Some of the new features being added to Yahoo Answers will allow the page to become much more social, which is clearly the online trend.  Answers could bring more user engagement, search volume, overall traffic and contextually relevant display inventory to Yahoo.

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Matt Cutt: Google +1’s confirmed to have no direct impact on Rankings

Google’s head of search spam, refuted the latest Moz study that claimed to show a correlation between Google +1’s and high search engine rankings. Back in 2011 Matt Cutts debunked a similar study conducted by Moz that claimed to show a correlation between Facebook shares and high search engine rankings.

Cutts says that “High quality content naturally generates a lot of likes, shares and +1’s, but we shouldn’t take that as an indication of having the ability to influence rankings”. However, there are some valuable findings from the Moz study that still hold true. Google plus does page rank and allow anchor text, two things we know for sure are factors in Google algorithm.

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Have Search Engine Optimization posts grow to be uninteresting and boring?

What separates a good SEO from a not-so-good SEO?

Creativity, SEO is one of the most creative tasks out there. I believe that SEO doesn’t have to be as boring as people think it is. Most people assume it is a boring task of building a million links a day but really, SEO can be quite interesting and far from boring.

Getting creative will allow you to do something a bit more fun and in return, hopefully get those desired links. The trick to being a good SEO is to be the brains behind the operation, decide where you want people to get links, what type of links you want them to get and how many of them you want and you can outsource the work to someone perfectly capable of doing it.

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