Should A Landing Page Focus On SEO Or Conversion?

One of the biggest questions for a website owner- Should the website draw more traffic, or should it focus of converting the traffic it already is receiving? Which purpose your landing page should solve of the two, is a very difficult decision to make. To identify what the requirement of your business is should be based on two factors – whether you are trying to rank for generic keywords or conversion-focused keywords or both; and are you concerned with your ranking or only conversion. Although the decision doesn’t seem to be so easy, after reading this blog, you may be in a better position to decide as to whether you should opt for an SEO-focused landing page or a conversion-focused one. Whichever the case, a leading Bangalore SEO company will be able to help you achieve your goals.


Keyword targeting

SEO-focused pages need to be targeting keywords. They need to have keyword-targeted content that fulfills the requirements of both Google and the visitors. On the other hand, conversion-focused pages need not be targeting only the target keywords.


SEO-focused pages need to serve a high number of audiences. It needs to be a page that provides useful content that is helpful for visitors looking for the information, and includes a CTA on the page too. But, conversion-focused pages need to focus only on one particular audience, which is the right customer for the business.

Bounce rate and engagement rate

The general rule is that you must have a low bounce rate and a higher engagement rate. If you require a low bounce rate and higher CTR, it is obvious that you want people to stay on the page and click on the CTA, meaning that your page should be SEO-focused. However, it isn’t actually so necessary. Instead of worrying about these two, it is better if you worry about the conversion rate only. Even if the bounce rate is high, and there are lots of people actually converting, you know that only the wrong customers are moving out. This is a conversion-focused landing page.

Editorial links

SEO-focused pages need to be able to earn editorial links or else they won’t be able to rank. Moreover, in case of deficiency of editorial links, the page is going to have a tough time building manual links. A conversion-focused page on the other hand doesn’t need to worry about links at all!

So now you know that if you are looking forward to earn traffic that might be interested in your content, you are building an SEO-focused page. While if you are trying to target an audience that is already familiar with you and you are trying to convert them, then you are in search of a conversion-focused page. Now go ahead and decide what you want to do with your landing page. However, you must remember that if you are opting for an SEO-focused page, you must focus on great content with a large set of keywords to be able to serve all sorts of visitors. On the other hand, if you want a conversion-focused landing page, you can do all sorts of testing, optimization, video inclusions and testimonials.


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