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How To Optimize Your Videos For Better Ranking In SERPs?

The Google Penguin and Panda updates have made SEOs realize the importance of considering Google’s ranking factors while building websites. One of the most important factors to consider for ranking includes creating high-quality content that has the ability to attract links. And, this content does not mean only the text; it includes images, infographics and videos too that are relevant and related to the topic. Speaking of videos, they are an extremely powerful form of content that impacts SEO significantly. In this blog today, we are going to help you understand how videos can be optimized to impact rankings. In order to optimize your videos and strategies to the fullest, you can get in touch with the best SEO services in Bangalore, who will not only help you with your videos but, all other content on your site too!


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How To Get Your Website To The Top Of Google Search?

It was easier in 2013 to get to the top of Google because all it involved was some keyword research, good and clear content, and lots of high authority backlinks on your page. Today also, these practices are relevant but, there are many more factors to consider too. There are hundreds of things to do in order to improve search visibility, out of which some of the most important ones are mentioned below, concentrating on the most recent developments made regarding Search Engine Optimization.


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Should A Landing Page Focus On SEO Or Conversion?

One of the biggest questions for a website owner- Should the website draw more traffic, or should it focus of converting the traffic it already is receiving? Which purpose your landing page should solve of the two, is a very difficult decision to make. To identify what the requirement of your business is should be based on two factors – whether you are trying to rank for generic keywords or conversion-focused keywords or both; and are you concerned with your ranking or only conversion. Although the decision doesn’t seem to be so easy, after reading this blog, you may be in a better position to decide as to whether you should opt for an SEO-focused landing page or a conversion-focused one. Whichever the case, a leading Bangalore SEO company will be able to help you achieve your goals.


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How To Get The Best Out Of LinkedIn?

In today’s competitive world, where there are a large number of creative and innovative people around, it can get quite difficult to market yourself. This is where social media can help you. Social media marketing is a great way to market yourself and your work in order to gain new clients and build valuable connections. All you need to do is set some time aside every week for social media. And, one of the most important social media platforms that all kinds of artists and creative heads can depend upon is LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, LinkedIn is a platform that is highly for professionals. You must abide by the following guidelines to build up a strong LinkedIn profile and bring yourself success.


Social Media Marketing

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Benefits Of SEO For Small Businesses

The future of small businesses is unpredictable; and everyone knows that. More than half of small businesses observe failure within a few years time. The reason behind such failures may be lack of experience, excessive competition, poor marketing strategy, or lack of financial planning. Whatever it may be, there is no sure-shot way of handling these flaws. But, having an effective SEO strategy can definitely help your business to survive. Here are the advantages of an efficient SEO strategy.


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Guidelines To Promote YouTube Videos More Effectively

YouTube is one of the biggest video platforms that has made a tremendous mark online ever since it began. It is also one of the largest money making platforms for video creators today with many making millions on this site! Thus, it is important to market your YouTube videos effectively if you want to be one of them too. But, remember that this isn’t an easy job. Many videos are posted everyday on the platform but the outcomes received are not much. There are only a small percentage of videos that get a great number of views. But, this isn’t achieved effortlessly. These videos have been marketed in a way that it builds a brand so that a dedicated audience subscribes to them and regularly views their work. So, if you want your videos to go popular, you need to have the right kind of marketing strategy. Below mentioned are some of the tactics that you can utilize to design a great one.

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How to Increase Your Web Design Creativity?

Designing is a very creative and interesting, yet a very difficult task. It may seem to be easy but, it is only designers who know how difficult it is to convince customers with their design. Designers need to develop a design not based on how they want it but, on how the audience wants to see it. Thus, it is a challenge to show off your creativity in the way your target audience would love. As a designer, no matter in whichever field it may be, it is very important to keep upgrading your creative skills. Creativity is something that comes from within but, knowing what is in trend and which new technologies have come up that can be useful, can also help to boost your creativity. Here are certain guidelines to help web designers increase their creativity skills.

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What All Does Google Analytics 360 Suite Have To Offer?

Google has unwrapped a suite of products for large enterprises that aims at bringing simplicity and ease to the arduous work of collective marketing and advertising data across infinite number of channels. Named as ‘Google Analytics 360 Suite’, the package is a mix of new and rebuilt solutions to help enterprises get a complete view of their customers’ journey and a more personalized customer centric way of marketing. Google states that this suite integrates with many third-party data providers and platforms. It consists of six products that can be used individually or together, and can also integrate with Google AdWords and DoubleClick. Here is a detailed description of what the 360 Suite has to offer.

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What are the Traits a Web Designer should Possess?

Budding entrepreneurs require good web designers for designing their websites. What such businessmen look for is professionals who can guide them through the process of designing. But, with thousands of professionals available, how do you make sure these businessmen notice you. Here is what you should take care of to make yourself noticeable.




The first thing businessmen will notice about you is your personality. You should be presentable and confident while showcasing your work and skills. Every company has a different culture. You want the company owners to know that you will fit well in their working culture. Communicate in a way that they know you will understand their working structure and perform accordingly.

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