Is Content the King Every Time?

“Content is King.”

We have heard this statement time and again. But how true is it? Obviously, we don’t doubt the fact that content is highly valuable to businesses and websites, but is it the case every time? We know that social media marketing and email marketing are highly dependent on regularly published informative content. Great content can help articles and posts go viral in moments, and help gain exposure around the Web. But, content is not king in every situation. There are certain situations where you need to keep content on the second priority after design. In specific conditions, design becomes the influential factor in user behaviour. For example, when you need to create a first impression, when you are looking for conversions, or when you want to target mobile users. This is when you need more of website designing services Bangalore, and a little less of content writers.

content the king

Creating the first impression

When you want to create a great impression on your visitors as soon as they land on your site, will you focus on the design or content? Remember that ‘first impression is the last impression’ and you have merely a few seconds to do that. If your site doesn’t load and doesn’t appeal to the visitors in the first few seconds of their visit, they are sure to abandon your site, and move on to your competitor’s. You also need to know that the attention span of an average human being is only 5-8 seconds; so, you need to strike an impression before time runs out! Obviously, the users won’t even bother to read your entire content if your design seems displeasing. Make sure you attract the audience and keep them engaged with your site by providing them with a well-designed landing page.

Looking for conversions

While working out on conversions, you can say that design and content go hand in hand. Once you have attracted visitors with your great design, they land up on your content, which tempts them to make a purchase. But, what about the whole process? Unless you have a good, simple and easy-to-use navigation and conversion process, you won’t be able to have users converting on your site. If signing up for a subscription or purchasing your product is a hassle, customers will be more likely to turn away. They will then forget all the amazing content they read about on your site earlier. So, finally it is designing your conversion funnel that becomes a priority.

Targeting mobile users

Mobile internet browsing has greatly increased since smartphones have become a necessity for all. There has been more than 75% increase in mobile internet browsing in the past one year! You definitely don’t want to leave out on all those enormous number of people who are using their mobiles for browsing the Web. In order to have those mobile users coming to your site and staying with you for a while, you need to provide an engaging mobile-friendly layout. This means changing the entire structure of your desktop version of website into a mobile version. Remember that mobile screens are very small, and you need all your elements to be seen clearly as well as making it easy for users to navigate through the site with comparatively larger fingertips. So, do you need to focus more on design or content?

For eCommerce

Obviously, speaking about eCommerce stores, it is the design that is king. You need to have a pleasing layout with clear images, proper product placement, perfect signup forms and simple conversion funnels. Therefore, for the eCommerce industry, it is the design that can boost up conversion rates.

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