How To Get Your Website To The Top Of Google Search?

It was easier in 2013 to get to the top of Google because all it involved was some keyword research, good and clear content, and lots of high authority backlinks on your page. Today also, these practices are relevant but, there are many more factors to consider too. There are hundreds of things to do in order to improve search visibility, out of which some of the most important ones are mentioned below, concentrating on the most recent developments made regarding Search Engine Optimization.


Optimizing for answering questions

We all know how people have been highly relying on Wikipedia to answer all their questions. However, even though it has been the most dominant site for providing answer boxes in the previous many years, today is it becoming less influential because Google is recognizing more quality expert content coming from other publishers too. Therefore, you must also optimize your site by creating content in a way that it can answer all the possible questions related to your business. Be as concise as possible, phrase the question in the headline, and answer the question as early as possible in the article.

Optimizing for local search

If you have a brick and mortar store, it is vital to optimize your pages and website for local search so that you gain maximum amount of local audience coming in to your store. You must optimize your Google My Business page by including lots of information and description about your business. This includes a long and unique description, images, opening and closing times, local phone number, business address and much more. Also, make sure you can get lots of visible customer reviews because this is one important element for local businesses.

Optimizing for RankBrain

Google’s machine-learning AI system, RankBrain is one of the top three ranking signals revealed by Google. This smart intelligence system handles all those unique questions that have never been asked before. Everyday 15% of the searches made are brand new queries. This means that with 3 billion searches being processed daily by Google, there are around 450 million unique searches! So, you definitely need to optimize your page for RankBrain. And, you can do this by creating content that answers unique queries that are relevant and useful for your target audience. Although this will take quite some research, time, efforts and trial and error but, with a clear format of long-form content and references and supporting information, your queries may start gaining more visibility.

Optimizing for voice search

As per a report, Google Voice Search queries have been increasing ever since 2008, and have risen to around 35 times today! This is because voice input is much faster than typing, which thus results in faster results. People find it difficult typing on certain devices. Browsing through some mobile devices is still complex. So, you must optimize your site for voice search too. What you need to do is provide content for more direct questions, those that are spoken in a far more natural language, maybe even without keywords.


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