How To Get The Best Out Of LinkedIn?

In today’s competitive world, where there are a large number of creative and innovative people around, it can get quite difficult to market yourself. This is where social media can help you. Social media marketing is a great way to market yourself and your work in order to gain new clients and build valuable connections. All you need to do is set some time aside every week for social media. And, one of the most important social media platforms that all kinds of artists and creative heads can depend upon is LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, LinkedIn is a platform that is highly for professionals. You must abide by the following guidelines to build up a strong LinkedIn profile and bring yourself success.


Social Media Marketing




One of the most important things you must focus upon is keywords. You must have a set of keywords that you would like to use to optimize your site. List down as many words you can think of that your clients may use while searching for your services online. Include long-tail keywords too that contain 3 to 4 phrases. Then select the best ones out of those and include them in your LinkedIn profile.




Your headline is another important part of your profile. Make sure you include your top keyword phrase in a way that it stands out. You need to include your specialty too. You need to tell the readers what you can do better than the others in your niche. You need a very strong headline to attract other professionals. Also, make sure that your profile picture portrays you as a professional in your field.




Fill in as many categories as you can in your LinkedIn profile. If you have filled in only your basics when you first opened your LinkedIn account, it’s time you fill up the other details now. Prospective clients want to know as much as they can about you. You must also include links to any works of yours published both online and offline. This will help you gain more prestige.


LinkedIn URL


If you customize your LinkedIn URL, you will be making it an excellent way to help clients find you easily. You can include your name in the URL.




You must not post several times a day on LinkedIn! Remember that this is not a platform like Facebook or Twitter. If you keep posting here, you are going to annoy your connections. Posting an update once or twice a week is sufficient and will let your connections know that you are active. You may add the URL of your most popular blog or post a link to an article you found interesting elsewhere. Just make sure to keep your updates professional.

After following the above mentioned tips, you must also make sure to advertise your profile. Add a LinkedIn button on every page of your site. Also, create a link for your LinkedIn profile and include it in your email signature.

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