Guidelines To Promote YouTube Videos More Effectively

YouTube is one of the biggest video platforms that has made a tremendous mark online ever since it began. It is also one of the largest money making platforms for video creators today with many making millions on this site! Thus, it is important to market your YouTube videos effectively if you want to be one of them too. But, remember that this isn’t an easy job. Many videos are posted everyday on the platform but the outcomes received are not much. There are only a small percentage of videos that get a great number of views. But, this isn’t achieved effortlessly. These videos have been marketed in a way that it builds a brand so that a dedicated audience subscribes to them and regularly views their work. So, if you want your videos to go popular, you need to have the right kind of marketing strategy. Below mentioned are some of the tactics that you can utilize to design a great one.


Create short teasers of your video

Create short teasers of your video that play for around 10-15 seconds, and promote them through mini-video sharing sites like Instagram, Vine and Twitter video. This can be highly helpful to build hype for new videos. But, make sure you make the most of these few seconds and create an effective and attractive teaser, or you may lose out.

Share your videos as GIF on social media

Since people of every age are so addicted to some or the other social media platform, you may as well plan up a great social media marketing strategy to reach out to a wide set of audience. For this, you can use an animated GIF that shows an interesting and captivating part of the entire video to compel users to watch the entire video. You may add captions in these GIFs to convey your message clearly. You can then use these GIFs to market your videos across various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and others.

Market videos on your own website

Why not use your own website as a promoting platform? If you already have lots of traffic coming to your site, this could be the best idea. You can write a blog post every time you release a video to let your visitors know about it. You can also create a separate video directory and then pull in new videos to your site every time you release one.

See what the influencers in your niche are doing

You obviously want to stand out from the rest and this does not come by imitating others in the niche. But, this does not mean you don’t pay attention to other niche players at all. When you look at what they are doing, you could get great ideas of some effective tactics you can adopt. BirdSong Analytics is a YouTube feature that can help you identify the best practices of a YouTube user. By simply providing a channel name, you can get the user’s channel age, number of videos, number of subscribers, number of views, number of likes and comments, video sharing frequency, video duration, the best time and day that works best for them, and a lot more.

Whatever marketing strategy you use, make sure to monitor it and see whether you are able to reach your target. If you produce many videos, make sure to first check if you are able to get an organic boost with one or two of your ads; and then opt to promote the rest. This way you will know if you have to change your strategy to boost up results.


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