Eternal Website Design Ideas That Can Improve Conversions

The success of a website depends majorly on two factors, namely UI and UX, which are responsible for bringing and retaining traffic to the site. And, one thing that these two depend upon is the website design. Website design trends seem to change and alter very frequently, depending upon the demand of the market. However, there are some design elements that remain. These are the ideas that hold intensity and have the capability to provide improved conversions. Listed below are some of the most popular everlasting website design trends that can help fulfill a website’s goal. So, if you want a successful website, you must follow some or all of these trends too. Or, you may hire professional website development services in Bangalore to take care of your website building and modify it according to the latest trends as and when required.

Vector graphics

We know that an image can speak a thousand words. This makes using images and graphics appropriately on your website very important. You need to put up illustrations that are relevant, attractive, and also pleasing to the eyes of the visitors. Appropriate images provide interaction with the readers so that they can relate to the visuals personally. The best kinds of images that you can use on your website are vector graphics, which are highly responsible for increasing conversion rates.

Background videos

Even more interactive and attractive than images are videos. You can add value to the UX by adding a video to your website, and that too one in the background! A background video can help put your website’s main idea in the forefront, and can also engage the users in a way that it develops their interest. Video background plugins are cost-effective tools that can help in enhancing your UX, thus resulting in a boost in traffic.


Don’t have a dull interface, or you will shoo away your visitors easily. Add some sort of animation so that you improve the personality of your website and allure visitors. Although something very irrelevant, yet animations are one of the causes for improved conversions and increased prospective leads. This is because animations have the power to connect personally and emotionally with the visitors, which can in turn stir their brain and keep them engaged and involved.

Navigation menus

Navigation is of the most important features of a website that you must focus upon. Even with a great design, your website can be abandoned if users don’t find your navigation easy and comfortable. You must have a navigation that is clear, understandable, and makes it easy to find the different pages on your site. You can choose from a variety of menu options like hamburger menu, sidebar menu, drop downs, footer navigations, etc. but make sure to keep it simple and useful.

The lazy load effect

Nobody likes to wait in this busy world. People want websites that load fast and don’t have them waiting to load. But, what if you have a lot of elements on your website that are taking too much time to load, but you don’t want to get rid of them? Well, there is a way out! You can use the lazy load effect wherein images outside of viewport are not loaded until users scroll to them. This can help you keep all your elements, while also giving users improved load speed.

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