Custom Web Design Or Web Templates – Which Should You Choose?

Businesses are facing immense competition today. There needs to be lots of efforts, money, and time invested in each tactic and strategy in order to stay put in the competitive world. One of the most important ways to market yourself is through a great website. You need a great website to promote your brand and products/services. However, business owners are looking to reduce costs, while increasing profits. This is why many of them opt for website templates, rather than investing in a custom-made website. Although a template is much inexpensive as compared to a customized website, does it bring about the desired profits? Let us take a look at website templates and custom websites from every angle, so that we can decide upon which of the two is a better option.


Customized website – A custom web design involves a team of professionals who build a website from scratch after collecting all the details of the business and the brand. Because a professional website development company in India builds an exclusive website tailored to specific requirements, the design will obviously be unique. Different from any other website online, it will also be perfectly aligned with the business goals.

Web template – Because a web template is being used by dozens of other businesses online, your design is not unique, and thus will not stand out, which may negatively affect the outcomes you get.


Customized website – Because your website development will be handled by a professional, it will be tested in every way to analyze its functioning and loading across various platforms and browsers, to check for compatibility.

Web template – With the background coding being outdated, the functionality may be limited. In fact, some templates are even browser-specific, meaning that your website can be severely limited.


Customized website – With a customized website design, you can present your brand just like you want it to be presented in front of your audience, with your own choice of colours, fonts, layout, and every other design element.

Web template – In a template, you have very limited customization options available. Therefore, you cannot design your site with all the design elements you wish to add. In fact, some templates are so specific that if you try to add your own design elements, it may crash and everything will be undone!

SEO friendliness

Customized website – Hiring a professional website designer will keep you assured that the site is designed to be SEO friendly in every aspect, along with appropriate coding.

Web template – Majority of templates are not built keeping in mind the factors that can make it SEO friendly. Therefore, your website may or may not be displayed high on SERPs.


Customized website – Having a custom website gives you the authority to take control of your site so that you can modify and alter it in any way you wish in the future to suit your requirements.

Web template – If the underlying coding in a template is altered, it becomes almost impossible to update the theme when upgrades are released. This means more money and time invested in the long run.

Technical support

Customized website – With a professional team working on designing and developing your site, you always have a technical support team when you encounter problems with the working of your site.

Web template – In case of templates, you cannot expect any kind of technical support. So, if you encounter any kind of problems, you will have to call for help.


Customized website – A customized website is obviously more expensive as it requires a team of professionals working on it with every design detail being considered.

Web template – Templates are ready-to-use and thus are very cost-effective and economical.


Customized website – Building a custom website means doing everything from scratch, thus taking up a lot of time to build up the basics along with adding many other detail-specific design elements.

Web template – Templates can be set up quickly as they are almost ready for use. Thus, not much time needs to be spent while using them. In fact, you don’t need to hire professionals in the process as you can do it on your own without the need of any coding skills.

With all of the above factors considered, you can easily analyze that a template is the most cost-effective, easy-to-use, and time-friendly option to build up a website. However, if you are looking for a unique, compatible, and SEO friendly website that does not limit you with design elements or modifications, you must hire a professional website development company in India to design and develop the most unique customized website for your business.

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