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Why Is It Important To Add Professional Images On Your Website?

Do you have all-text on your website? Is your website lacking images, infographics, and other graphics? Do you have poor quality images put up on your website? If the answers to all these questions is a “Yes” then you are definitely harming the traffic on your site and in turn, your ranking on SERPs. This is true because good quality images are very effective in attracting visitors and engaging them with your site, thus boosting up your conversions and ranking. You can hire a Web design company in India to design your entire website by putting up relevant and professional images and other essential graphics on your site, if you are at present having a very dull only-text or low quality image site.

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Custom Web Design Or Web Templates – Which Should You Choose?

Businesses are facing immense competition today. There needs to be lots of efforts, money, and time invested in each tactic and strategy in order to stay put in the competitive world. One of the most important ways to market yourself is through a great website. You need a great website to promote your brand and products/services. However, business owners are looking to reduce costs, while increasing profits. This is why many of them opt for website templates, rather than investing in a custom-made website. Although a template is much inexpensive as compared to a customized website, does it bring about the desired profits? Let us take a look at website templates and custom websites from every angle, so that we can decide upon which of the two is a better option.

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How To Have A Perfect Product Design?

How can you have a great product designed? Utilizing all the knowledge, tools and equipment known, here comes a list of steps that can help you make the perfect one. Take a look.

Product Design

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Is Content the King Every Time?

“Content is King.”

We have heard this statement time and again. But how true is it? Obviously, we don’t doubt the fact that content is highly valuable to businesses and websites, but is it the case every time? We know that social media marketing and email marketing are highly dependent on regularly published informative content. Great content can help articles and posts go viral in moments, and help gain exposure around the Web. But, content is not king in every situation. There are certain situations where you need to keep content on the second priority after design. In specific conditions, design becomes the influential factor in user behaviour. For example, when you need to create a first impression, when you are looking for conversions, or when you want to target mobile users. This is when you need more of website designing services Bangalore, and a little less of content writers.

content the king

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Strategies for Effective Web Designing

With the world getting competitive, and with so many similar websites in one particular niche, it is very important and equally difficult to stand out from the rest, unless you hire professional Web designing services in Bangalore. A good website is one that effectively builds your brand with a visually attractive look and great usability. Different business segments need to focus on different Web elements for their success. However, there are certain things and certain strategies that every website owner must implement on their site for enhancing the business’s online presence.

Effective Web Designing

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AMP Vs. Responsive Web Design

It’s been an year since Google initiated the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) where a wide range of optimization techniques have been used to speed up page loading time on mobiles. Another great technique that Google had initiated was responsive web design, which has helped websites to fit any and every screen size with ease. Both AMP and responsive web design make use of the same programming languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS to develop a mobile page, but there is a lot that makes both of them different. In order to create websites that load faster on every screen size so that users can have an ultimate experience on your site, it is important for you to know which techniques to opt for while developing your site. So, is it AMP or responsive web design for you? Decide for yourself after reading this blog.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Vs Responsive Web Design

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How to Increase Your Web Design Creativity?

Designing is a very creative and interesting, yet a very difficult task. It may seem to be easy but, it is only designers who know how difficult it is to convince customers with their design. Designers need to develop a design not based on how they want it but, on how the audience wants to see it. Thus, it is a challenge to show off your creativity in the way your target audience would love. As a designer, no matter in whichever field it may be, it is very important to keep upgrading your creative skills. Creativity is something that comes from within but, knowing what is in trend and which new technologies have come up that can be useful, can also help to boost your creativity. Here are certain guidelines to help web designers increase their creativity skills.

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What are the Traits a Web Designer should Possess?

Budding entrepreneurs require good web designers for designing their websites. What such businessmen look for is professionals who can guide them through the process of designing. But, with thousands of professionals available, how do you make sure these businessmen notice you. Here is what you should take care of to make yourself noticeable.




The first thing businessmen will notice about you is your personality. You should be presentable and confident while showcasing your work and skills. Every company has a different culture. You want the company owners to know that you will fit well in their working culture. Communicate in a way that they know you will understand their working structure and perform accordingly.

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Don’t Make These Image Mistakes On Your Website

An image on your website can bring you more exposure and more money. You might wonder how? A website with only text is too dull and not so interesting. Let us have a look at how images impact a website.
You might be knowing that people remember 80% of what they see rather than what they hear or read. So, if you provide the same data as text as well as in an infographic, people will tend to remember the data they see in the infographic better. People tend to view websites with images 94% more than those without. Also, 93% of people make their purchase decisions based on visual imagery.

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How to get started in web designing?

Are you planning to design your website and do not know how to start the whole thing? Even if you have no formal design education, coding skills or experience in the web design industry you can easily design websites. Here is how you can get started with website design.

First and foremost you need to understand that websites need to be designed in the browser, as people do not browse the web in photoshop. Thus you should not use image editors to design your website. A browser based website design will make you learn HTML, which gives you a better idea about coding and improves your eye for aesthetics and visuals.

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