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Guidelines To Promote YouTube Videos More Effectively

YouTube is one of the biggest video platforms that has made a tremendous mark online ever since it began. It is also one of the largest money making platforms for video creators today with many making millions on this site! Thus, it is important to market your YouTube videos effectively if you want to be one of them too. But, remember that this isn’t an easy job. Many videos are posted everyday on the platform but the outcomes received are not much. There are only a small percentage of videos that get a great number of views. But, this isn’t achieved effortlessly. These videos have been marketed in a way that it builds a brand so that a dedicated audience subscribes to them and regularly views their work. So, if you want your videos to go popular, you need to have the right kind of marketing strategy. Below mentioned are some of the tactics that you can utilize to design a great one.

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How to Get More Social Shares?

Social media traffic plays a big role in building a website’s growth and value. When users share your blogs or comment on them, it is seen by other users and hence, brings you popularity. For all this to happen, it is important to create such content that brings you the maximum number of shares possible. Here are a few steps that will help you create content in such a way that the readers will be keen on sharing it on social media.


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How Does Web Design Affect SEO?

There are many factors that influence the search rankings of websites like keywords, page relevancy, link building, title tags and many more, among which your website design is also a very important element. On one hand, you want your website to be unique and different from the others. On the other hand, it also needs to be easily visible to search engines in order to attract the right traffic. Every web site needs to have certain design aspects in order to have an impact on SEO results. When deciding on the design for your website or upgrading your site, there are a number of different aspects you need to consider.

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How to Build Links for Local Business?

One of the best ways to gain better search engine optimization results for your local business is by building quality in-bound links for your website.

What exactly are in-bound links?

In-bound links or backlinks is a hyperlink on a third-party website which point to a web page on your website. The reason why these links are important is that major search engines like Google and Bing regard in-bound links as a sign that the content on this page is relevant for the end-user. This way, in-bound links play a critical role in local search engine optimization (SEO) of the website.

In-bound links are in fact one of the best ways in which you can advertise your company, especially within the local community.
Now the next question which arises is how do you build these links for your local business?

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How to use Infographics to generate links

Attracting the useful links to the website is one of the challenging aspects of SEO.  And perhaps one of the best ways to build links is through intelligent use of Infographics.

Infographics are graphic visual representation of complex information in simple and appealing form. They help industries attract links and social likes by generating better visibility. Though often regarded as a tactic which has reached its saturation point, Infographics help websites acquire links. In fact, Infographics are beautiful synergy of traditional marketing and manual link building tactics.

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Tips to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Rankings

Images have a very crucial role in pulling the right traffic to a website. Not only should you use the right images, but you should also optimize them well so that the visitor gets a clear idea of your products and services; not to forget your website also garners better search engine rankings.

Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Rankings

Thus optimizing the images of your website is not an option but rather a mandatory step. In this blog post we bring you tips on how to optimize images for better search engine rankings. So just get set and read on:

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Google Analytics Gets Content Grouping in Behavior Flow

Google announced the introduction of content groupings support in the Behavior flow in Google analytics.

In today’s increasingly competitive online marketing world, it has never been more crucial to ensure your website is delivering results. To ensure that your site is achieving the results you expect, you really need have Google Analytics in place.

Google Analytics is the market leader in web analytics arena and it can track and can monitor a great many aspects of your website for free.

Content grouping lets you to group content in a way that reflects how you think about your site and view/compare aggregated metrics by group name which helps you to answer questions like “where do users who read my service pages go next? Do they view more products page or Do they switch to another section? Or do they simply drop off?”

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Matt Cutts Says, Links Will Certainly Lose value Over Time

In the latest webmaster help video, Matt answers a question where a user asks

“Google changed the search engine market in the ’90s by evaluating a website’s backlinks instead of just the content … Updates like Panda and Penguin show a shift in importance towards content. Will backlinks lose their importance?”

Matt did say that backlinks in the Google ranking algorithm still have many years left in them.

Matt said that Google is focusing a lot now on working on ways to determine if a webpage meets the expectations of an expert user. They do this currently by looking at the links to the page, the reputation of the site and pages and the quality of the content on that particular page.

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Are you Following SEO Best Practices?-Google’s Title Tag Changes

Meta title tag is one of the many factors that search engine utilize to help serve relevant content on a search result pages (SERP). The Meta title should utilize intelligent keywords that clearly describe your product or service, but also create a compelling reason to entice a user to click-through.

Now how does search engine decide what exactly they are going to make use of title of your page in search results?

Here are few reasons why Google will choose a title other than what the webmaster decides to put in the title tag. Google look for three things:

  1. Something relatively short.
  2. A good description of the page and ideally the site that the page is on.
  3. That it’s somehow relevant to the query.

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Google Penalized Another Guest Blog Network –PostJoint

Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed on Twitter that Google has taken action on another guest blogging network.

PostJoint has confirmed the penalty and says it’s a manual action penalty not from any incoming links. PostJoint is no longer ranking for a search for its own name, but you will see a very poor quality AdWords ad.

“Actually we’ve never done any link building to our site, so this is a manual action as Google has no other way of targeting us” said Saleem Yaqub, director at PostJoint . “This will affect us very little.”

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