What All Does Google Analytics 360 Suite Have To Offer?

Google has unwrapped a suite of products for large enterprises that aims at bringing simplicity and ease to the arduous work of collective marketing and advertising data across infinite number of channels. Named as ‘Google Analytics 360 Suite’, the package is a mix of new and rebuilt solutions to help enterprises get a complete view of their customers’ journey and a more personalized customer centric way of marketing. Google states that this suite integrates with many third-party data providers and platforms. It consists of six products that can be used individually or together, and can also integrate with Google AdWords and DoubleClick. Here is a detailed description of what the 360 Suite has to offer.

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Twitter Celebrating Its Eighth Birthday-Launched New Tool

Twitter founded in March 2006, the social network launched a new tool to help users find their first tweet. It’s the opportunity to look back at the first tweets for any user with this new tool.

Wiltshire said in his blog “Since 2006, millions of prolific tweeters across the UK and beyond have made Twitter an exciting fun and powerful place to connect with others.”

“More than 500m Tweets are now being sent every day and more than 240m of you are active on Twitter across the globe.”

Celebrate your #FirstTweet, using this Tweet tool. Make sure you already logged into Twitter then Twitter will magically display the Tweet that started it all.

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Google Now Offers Restaurant Menus within Its Search results

Google now finds a restaurant menu on the search result pages. The only way to trigger this feature right now is to type or speak “show me the menu for [restaurant name], just typing “menu [restaurant name]” doesn’t seem to do anything right now.

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Facebook To Buy WhatsApp for $16 Billion in Cash and Stock

Facebook is buying WhatsApp, the widely popular communications app for smartphones that has 450 million users a month.

WhatsApp has grown massively since its inception – in the calendar year 2013 its users sent 18 billion messages and received 36 billion in return – a massive number that is fully three times the previous year’s metrics. The purchase would be the biggest Internet deal since Time Warner’s $124 billion merger with AOL in 2001, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

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Google Increased Number of Categories Available Internationally

Google announced a major increase in the number of categories available internationally. Google business community manager Jade Wang posted an announcement in Google Product Forums, saying that the move comes based on feedback from merchants.

Wondering: Why hadn’t already done that?

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Google Alert! Subtle Warning To Affiliates -“Thin-Content”

According to Google Webmaster Blog by Chris Nelson, “Affiliates that produce thin content and have little-to-no-value-add on their site may be penalized for going against Google’s guidelines.”

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Google Made It Easier For Image Search By Adding Usage Rights Filters

Google image search has added new functionality that lets you find photo licensed for third-party use free of charge.

Previously the option to sort search results by licensing rights was found under the ‘Advanced Image Search Page’ and therefore much more inaccessible. A lot of users might not even have noticed that such an option existed. This new functionality will undoubtedly help to raise awareness.

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Matt Cutts Webmaster Help Video-Publishers with Duplicate Content

Matt Cutts answers a question about duplicate content in his latest webmaster help video where a user writes in to ask “If you had to deal with short-term duplicated content on a news site (perhaps publishing a story on two different URLs over one day), what would you do in order to avoid any penalty from a duplicate content filter?”

Google’s major search engine function is to offer a customer the best possible results for a search, based upon the search term (keywords) that the customer has used in the Google search box. While the story is breaking Matt says it’s understandable that you’ll have multiple instances of that story spread across the web. When things settle down, having a “rel=canonical” tag in place indicates the preferred location on the web where you would like that information to sit.

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Facebook Acquiring Little Eye Labs, Bangalore based mobile app performance monitoring company

Facebook is acquiring Little Eye Labs, an Indian developer of a tool for performance analysis and monitoring of Android apps, the startup said.

Little Eye, founded in 2012, spotted a good opportunity in app optimization as Android adoption picked up, and more importantly made itself visible, said Sanjay Anandaram, who advises startups in Bangalore.

The company has developed a tool that measures the amount of resources an app consumes on smartphones, allowing you to measure the performance of the phones processor, battery usage and bandwidth consumption, as well as correlate performance with a simultaneous play of the video of the apps usage.

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