Are You Using Keyword Rankings Appropriately?

Keyword rankings can definitely show you what’s going on in your online marketing campaign, but it isn’t the summit of all performance indicators. What generally happens is you choose a phrase that represents your business in regards to your products or services, and then you start working upon using that phrase. You write blogs that contain the phrase; you optimize your title tags and meta descriptions to include the phrase; you build links on important websites; and you put in all sorts of efforts to start ranking higher for that particular search term. And, with all these efforts, you finally make your way to the first page of SERPs for that particular keyword/keyword phrase. Do you think that is the end of all your efforts? Do you think you have attained what you must have? Well, you definitely have achieved a high rank, but are you seeing a gain in your organic traffic? Not really, isn’t it? So, what went wrong? Clearly, it was the goal you started with that was wrong!


Achieving a high ranking is what all businesses look for, but that doesn’t mean you make it your prime pursuit. If your only aim is to rank high, you are definitely ignoring what potential customers are actually looking for. Customers don’t want to see what you think they want to see. You must make it a point to understand what customers want, and give them that, rather than giving them what you think is important. They are there looking for something, and you must help them solve their queries and issues. But how?

Organic traffic coming in to any site can be classified into three groups – first being those who know about your business and search for it by name; second being those who look up for questions and request for help; and third being those who look for reviews from other users to make their decisions.

  • If customers are searching for your business by name, you should be delighted as you have succeeded in establishing a brand that is recognized and searched for.
  • If customers are typing in questions to find solutions to their problems, you must gain their loyalty by providing them what they wish to learn about. Obviously, you can’t predict every question a customer will ask. This is why you will have to expand your online footprint. You can do this by engaging with users on social media, participating in events and promotions that draw attention to your brand name, or by performing any other relevant activity.
  • We all know how easy it has become to gain reviews about a product/service online that help users make informed decisions. So, you must get more satisfied customers to be giving great reviews about your products/services and business/brand.

Therefore, the bottom line is that you mustn’t be captivated to only rank number one for your keyword phrases. After all, is your goal to only rank high, or is it to drive more sales? Instead of focusing on a particular set of keywords, remember that a website-wide approach can help you govern entire keyword-related subjects and be far more profitable. So, make sure you put keywords and ranking tools to good use by making them work for your business. This no doubt will require some time, efforts and patience, but you will have to go for it. Apart from all of this, it may also need some expertise. The experts of a reputed SEO company in Bangalore can help you with ideas on how to rank high while satisfying potential and existing customers, thus bringing in more traffic to your site.

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