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What Elements Must Be Considered While Designing A Website?

Designing a website does not mean focusing only on the visual aspect of the pages involved. It means much more; for example, the written content, the alignment of various pieces of content, the hierarchy, the navigation, etc. All of these elements and more must be blended so well that your website provides an incredible online experience to your users, which is why people prefer hiring a professional Web Design Company in Bangalore for the job. Here are some easy yet important tips that can ensure a great user experience on your website, if these elements are incorporated well.

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What Are “Time On Page” And “Session Duration”

“Time on page” and “Session duration” are two terms that are frequently used in regards to Google Analytics, but they are either misunderstood or confused with each other. But, after reading this blog, you will clear your mind of any confusions and doubts regarding these two terms. Defining “Time on Page”, it is the average amount of time a user spends on a website’s page. And, “Session Duration” is the amount of time a user spends on a website in total. However, the confusion and doubts don’t stop here. There are lots of questions to these terms that are seen to be asked by website owners. To solve such queries, this blog states the frequently encountered questions, and the answers to all of them.

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