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Set the Right Mood with your Web Designs

The web design of every website sets a mood – an environment – for the visitors. It is like the décor and furnishing of a restaurant which sets a mood for the visitors. As web designers you play a very crucial role in building the right environment for the website so that the visitors are at ease and enjoy exploring the website.

The mood of a website has two major impacts. On the one hand it conveys what the website/ product stands for and on the other hand it affects the mood of the users. Both these elements are quite important to create the right user-experience. Moods are in fact extension of emotions. What makes it important for web designers is the fact that they influence brand image and popularity. Though it is very difficult to set out things which can have a good/ bad impact on one’s mood; as web developers you can play it safe by using aesthetic effects which bring out the right mood of the products.

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