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Twitter Celebrating Its Eighth Birthday-Launched New Tool

Twitter founded in March 2006, the social network launched a new tool to help users find their first tweet. It’s the opportunity to look back at the first tweets for any user with this new tool.

Wiltshire said in his blog “Since 2006, millions of prolific tweeters across the UK and beyond have made Twitter an exciting fun and powerful place to connect with others.”

“More than 500m Tweets are now being sent every day and more than 240m of you are active on Twitter across the globe.”

Celebrate your #FirstTweet, using this Tweet tool. Make sure you already logged into Twitter then Twitter will magically display the Tweet that started it all.

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Can Sites Do Well Without Using Spammy Techniques?

Google’s latest webmaster help video with the title “Can sites do well without using spammy technique”?

“Matt, Does (sic) the good guys still stand a chance? We’re a small company that hired an SEO firm that we thought was legit, but destroyed our rankings w/ spam backlinks. We’ve tried everything but nothing helps. What can a company with good intentions do?”

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Google Now Offers Restaurant Menus within Its Search results

Google now finds a restaurant menu on the search result pages. The only way to trigger this feature right now is to type or speak “show me the menu for [restaurant name], just typing “menu [restaurant name]” doesn’t seem to do anything right now.

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