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Future of SEO Discovered Through Major Changes From Google.

Understanding that when link building or such other SEO strategies are widely adopted being popular, Google will at some point of time discard them.

How do I get higher PageRank? What are the keywords I should optimize for? Taking these things out of the picture will reduce the focus on these types of goals. On the other side of the coin, the major changes in Google encourage more strategic behavior. As the entire process of SEO is becoming more complex and refined, Google is trying to create a values addition and an experience that is beneficial for its users and the users can have smooth sailing while searching for their favorite keywords or data.

All of Google major changes play a role in getting people to focus on their authority, semantic relevance, and the user experience.  Because they cannot risk providing names of sites on their result pages which offer irrelevant or inferior quality contents as they always fear losing their top position to some other upcoming search engine on the web.

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How Important is Responsive Website Design in 2014

If your business isn’t taking advantage of Responsive Website Design or planning on it in the very near future, you are in danger of going out of business in 2014. As web developers continue to refine their techniques and create new approaches, Responsive web design promises to become a popular solution for those wanting to deliver holistic design for the mobile ecosystem.

With an ever-growing array of screen sizes and devices to browse the internet, having a responsive website means that all these different visitors are using and navigating your website in a way that is tailored for them regardless of the device they use. Once the monitor prices dropped, everyone changed their big boxes into beautiful widescreen displays. Liquid design disappeared rather quickly because it wasn’t necessary anymore. We are faced with an enormous variety of screen resolutions but responsive design offers itself as a solution.

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Google Denies Significant Update on December 17th

Last week, many SEO Experts found changes in Google search tracking tools which showed major changes in rankings within Google search results, but there is a very little discussion on forums and social space on these changes.

Google’s Matt Cutts implied there was no update on Twitter saying Google tries to minimize doing major updates right before the holidays.

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Webmaster Help Video On How Duplicate Content Affects Rankings

Head of the search spam Matt Cutts answers a question in his latest video on “How does Google handle duplicate content and what negative effects can it have on rankings from an SEO perspective?

Duplicate content is always a concern for webmasters, whether it’s a website stealing from other websites or a website that hasn’t taken an active role in ensuring they get great unique quality content on their site, being duplicated out of the Google index is a problem.


Cutts explained “why duplicate content isn’t always a problem, especially when it comes to quoting parts of other web pages”

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Google+ Update-Falling Snow To Any Picture You Choose

Google+ updated its Auto Awesome feature to automatically add snow to winter photos, and today is rolling out a fun holiday-themed feature. Take any picture you’re viewing and shake your Android device to give it that snowy look. If you like what you see, give it another shake to save a copy with the snow built in.

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Yahoo Acquires Natural Language Processing Company SkyPhrase

Yahoo has acquired SkyPhrase, a start-up with a focus on natural language processing. According to the blog post revealed by the company Skyphrase will join Yahoo’s New York office and will work with Yahoo to help continue its goal of marketing computers deeply understand people’s natural language and intentions.

The acquisition is just the latest in a spree of purchases by Yahoo under Marissa Mayer’s leadership and it suggests that Yahoo shares the same interest in understanding complex, colloquial input that major tech companies from Facebook to Google have ventured into.

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